We understand how the use of space, layout and design within the corporate environment affect the everyday lives and overall performance of your team. Our design strategy and goal is to create efficient yet beautifully designed spaces to enhance productivity of all working environments. We achieve this by staying aware of factors that influence our ‘everyday-day” at the office, such as indoor air quality, lux and noise level and generally how accessible the simplest yet very important thing like a coffee station is placed. We don’t just provide our clients with offices, we provide our clients with a space that echoes the ethos of a great, innovative working destination.


Within HEID DESIGN we have the knowledge to create stores that sell themselves. Our impeccable touch of being able to plan your retail, customer and product focussed store enables us to give you, the retailer the opportunity to focus on selling a great service, promote stock and sell goods to the customer in a profitable, comfortable welcoming environment.

HEID DESIGN appreciates that key elements such as texture and space planning define the retailer’s vision and we are able to suitably communicate this to the customer. Successful retail design should automatically work your business plan for you. Through excellent design your vision and goals are visible to your customers. The team makes time to target the realistic and structural viability of your project. The goal is to enable you to approach your project in a cost effective manner and still allow you to use the space to its fullest potential.

The analytics of shopper behaviour and merchandise planning is only one of the many services that we offer our clients.


We also offer an impressive portfolio of leisure projects. We are known for our ability to implement the unique personality and taste of each client – understanding that dining out is a form of leisure forcustomers and a workplace for the employees, therefore both of these worlds need to meet in a practical and aesthetic manner. This approach creates unique experiences that enhance customer satisfaction.

Our team approach this field with consideration for the customer, and the employees. Both parties should feel comfortable and inspired by the space. The end result being conducive to entertainment and relaxation.


This area of design is as important as any of the other fields and requires a personal – more in depth relationship with our clients.

This space should relect the persona and individual taste of every client. To simplify your design project it is important to know where to start and which direction you are going.

We are considerate of colour, texture line form and space; combining these elements in a way that will enhance your everyday life in the most comfortable manner. A contemporary approach is used compared to the old colour spray and pillow throw method. HEID DESIGN will handle your project with passion and talent ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction are met.

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